Ii. раскройте скобки, употребляя глагол в passive voice. 1). the house (to protect) with a marble pavilion.

Ii. раскройте скобки, употребляя глагол в passive voice. 1). the house (to protect) with a marble pavilion. 2). the roof of the house (to paint) tomorrow. 3). the newspaper (to look for) everywhere.
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    1)is protected

    2)will be painted

    3)is looked for

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  • viknik1980p05vqg
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    1. Mike can run very fast. 
    2. Jane could not play the guitar two years ago but now she can. 
    3. I sat up very late yesterday because I had to do a lot of homework. 
    4. Do you have to make the report today? 
    5. It’s a very interesting film. You must see it. 
    6. My sister works in a hospital. She has to wear a uniform. 
    7. James is very tired because he works so much. I think he could have a holiday. 
    1. Can I use your computer? 
    2. Could you borrow me some money me? 
    3. Why do we have to get up so early? 
    4. Why did she have to go to hospital? 
    5. Could / Jane come to the party?
    6. Need you wait for me?.
    1. I can not use your computer.
    2. You cannot lend me some money.
    3. We don't have to get up so early.
    4. She did not have to go to hospital.
    5. Jane could not come to the party. 
    6. You do not need to wait for me.
    1. I have to get up early tomorrow. – What time do you have to get up? 
    2. Liz had to leave immediately. – Why did Liz have to leave immediately? 
    3. George has to learn a foreign language. – What language does George have to learn? 
    4. I can play two musical instruments. – What musical instruments can you play? 
    5. They couldn’t finish the work on time. – Why couldn't they finish the work in time? 
    1. The girl who lives next door is very pretty. 
    2. The dress which Ann was wearing at the party costs a fortune! 
    3. The people who accompanied me during the journey were very helpful. 
    4. The apples which you bought yesterday are delicious.
  • igulsinya
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    There is some sand in my shoe.

    There is a five pound note in my wallet.

    There is some juice in the cupboard.

    There is some butter in the fridge.

    There is some peanut butter on the worktop.

    There is a radio in the kitchen.

    There is a toothbrush in the bathroom.

    There is some jam in the cupboard.

    There is a magazine in the living room.

    There is a queue at the post office.

    There is some luggage in the car.

    There is a suitcase in the bedroom.

    There is some flour in the cupboard.

    There is some sugar in your tea.

    There is some bicycle outside.


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