Диалог на тему winter and winter sports

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  • лнпасми
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    - Hello, Alina! How are you? Why are you looking so tired?
    - Hello, I am really very tired today. I was in the forest where I skated a lot.
    - Really? Are you fond of winter sport?
    - Yes, I am. I do sport every two days. And what kind of winter sports are you fond of? - I am fond of skiing most of all. To my opinion it's a very interesting sport.
    - How interesting! How many times a week do you go to your trainings?
    - Four times a week.
     - And what other kinds of sports are you fond of?
    - Besides it I like basketball, but sad to say I play it very badly.
    - I also play basketball badly. I'm afraid "of any ball".
    - Well, Alina. Let's say good-bye each other,  I have to hurry home.
     - Ok, see you!
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  • Ventana1263
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    1) I am originally 
    3) a country girl 
    2) (I come from a small English village), 
    4) but I am fond of 
    5) the city experience

    5) – My laptop is so slow.
    2) – Buy a new one.
    4) – I would if I had money.
    3) – You can take it to computer repair then. 
    1) – That’s actually a good idea.

    3) Dr Jonathan Casey has 
    1) a very busy lifestyle. He is a teacher, a tour guide and an author,
    4) all at the same time. Jonathan is from England, but he lives in the US,
    2) and works at the Dolphin Centre in Florida. He spends 
    5) all his time with his favourite animals, dolphins.
  • joker9494
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    Hello? Could I speak to Kate Rankin? (1)

    Speaking. (2)

    This is Claire Pails. I'm calling from Sanofi.

    Oh hello. You got my CV, then?


    Yes I did. That's why I'm calling. Could you come to Paris one day next week?

    Yes, I think so. What day did you have mind?

    We're interviewing on Wednesday and Thursday. Are you available on Wednesday afternoon?


    Wait a second. I'll just check. Yes, that's fine. Wednesday 11th.

    Lovely. What time is good for you? Shall we say three o'clock?

    That's fine with me. How do I get to you?


    I'll send you an email with directions. It's very simple.

    Have you got my email address?

    Yes? it's on the CV.

    Yes, of course it is. OK then, I'll see you next Wednesday.

    I'm looking forward to it. Bye for now.


    Thanks for calling. Bye.

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