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This house looks like a picture from j. r.r. tolkien's book 'the hobbit'. in fact it

a real house designed by a real person. be2when

first son was born, simon dale's wife, jasmine, said, "i wish we lived in the country. it would be so good for the baby."they3however, they didn't have enough money

or rent a house. buy4the house was built by simon

, with a bit of help from his friends. the result is impressive. he5it took simon four months to finish his home. it's made of natural materials. it uses solar panels for energy and its water

from a nearby spring. come6this house is an example of  a modern wooden eco-home – one of the

houses you can imagine. wonderful7my

house will be smarter than the first one. two8my son is five now and i hope to celebrate his

birthday in a new house. ten​

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Текст минимум 10 предложений на тему london the capital and the heart of great britain( лондон столица и сердце великобритании) желательно 14 предложений))
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