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15 game: write short descriptions of objects. read them aloud and let the class guess what objects you are describing

15 игра: напишите краткие описания предметов. прочитайте их вслух и дайте классу угадать, какие объекты вы описываете.

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Change the sentences . use the complex object . model -come here! - i wont (expect/ would like) you to come here. 1)close the door! 2) finish your breakfast. 3) obey me at once. 4) explain your behaviour. 5) treat me like a grown-up person. 6) give me some pocket money.
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Посмотрите есть ли ошибки в этих текстах: хиппи in the 1960s and 1970s a hippy was a person who opposed the normal standards of society. hippies wore unusual clothes. girls, for example, often wore indian-style silk dresses and men and women usually had long hair. hippies believed in peace, and one of their favorite sayings was «make love, not war». when the hippy
movement started in the us ,especially in california, young people showed their peaceful feelings by wearing flowers in their hair. for this reason, they were also called flower people панки in 1970 times were difficult. while the hippies were talking about love and peace, punks were full of hate. they thought that normal pop music was boring and listened to aggressive music. punks chose clothes that
their parents hated. they wore ripped t-shirts, doc marten boots and leather jackets ,and often had brightly coloured hair. рейверы in the late 1980s, large parties called raves started up. they usually took place in empty buildings, and could dance all night long under techno or acid music. enthusiasts wore the daily clothes convenient to dance: free t-shirts and jeans. the rave became connected
with drugs, and the police often tried to stop them.
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Перевести эти слова: westminster abbey,arbat street.
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Пятое сделайте , ниже текст к ннему  in a suburb of london two friends had houses standing by to each other.their wives became friends too.they were in short all friends together.they were also rivals the smiths and the robinsons.oh! in the nicest most harmful way.they were gardeners.if the
smiths succeeded with roses the robinsons immediately did the same.if the robinsons could to grow some beautiful plant thus showing that they had the greenest of green fingers the smiths wanted to show at once that their fingers were no less green.if one family bought some new garden furniture the
other made sure that their garden chair and benches were not worse.and then one day mrs smith had a wonderful idea.at the weekend she and her husband dug a very large hole in the middle of the garden. the robinsons waited to see what their neighbours were going to do with it.lily pond do you think?
or perhaps a gold fish pond? but the smiths did nothing with what they had dug.after several agonizing weeks the robinsons decided that they should have the same kind of thing in the middle of their own garden.the only problem was that the robinsons hated digging. so mrs robinson wrote to a
well-known firm of landscape gardeners.
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Написать эссе по анлисскому языку рисование буду рада если
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What other examples of globalisation can you see around in everyday life? think of shops in you region goods you buy
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Задайте один альтернативный и один разделительный вопрос к следующим предложениям. (6 вопросов). 1. they are able students. 2. my brother gives lectures in universities. 3. she spent a lot of time in the country last year.
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Нужно из 1 вставить фразы во 2-ое
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