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3write questions and answers with the
present continuous form of the verbs
then practise with a partner.
1 what/you/do
what are you doing? i'm taking a photo
2 roman /write/ a letter
3 what/ the chefs/do make/ pizzas
4 you/answer/ the phone yes
5 what/ the mechanic / do fix/ my car
6 you/work/outside today no
your turn
o rtions about what's 10 ​

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С11 по 19 плз ( 20 )
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Баспаханадан 254600 газет басылып шықты. бірінші күні оның 1/5 бөлігі. 2ші күні қалғаны сатылды. екі күні қанша газет сатылды.​
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Кросворд решите..across 2. to say you will not do something that someone has asked you to do 3. to say that someone has done something wrong or committed a crime 4. to go from one side of something such as a road or river to the other 7. to tell someone something in a way that helps them understand
it better 9. to arrive somewhere 10. to be owned by someone 13. to behave in a particular way because you want someone to believe that something is true when it is not down 1. to make a choice about what you are going to do 3. to make other people think that you are something or feel something
(являться) 5. an attempt to find something 6. to make a high sound by forcing air through your mouth in order to get someone’s attention, or to show that you like or dislike something 7. to get away from a place where you are in danger 8. to know who the person is or what the thing is that you are
seeing, hearing etc because you have seen, heard etc them before 11. to provide evidence that shows that something is true 12. to have the same opinion as someone else
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35 how long he had waited for the day, but saturday at last. peter up early before his parents awake, his pocket money and off to meet jane at the shop. she alrealdy and the newspaper. jane him the paper and < > < > grandmother to the door. < > . < > , said jane.0) a. came ; b. will come ; c. comes ; d. is coming1) a. wake ; b. wakes ; c. woke ; d. has woken2) a. was ; b. is ; c. are ; d. were3) a. take ; b. took ; c. takes ; d. has taken4) a. goes ; b. go ; c. went ; d. is going5) a. had already come ; b. come ; c. comes ; d. came6) a. read ; b. was reading ; c. reads ; d. is reading7) a. gave ; b. give ; c. gives; d. has given8) a. say ; b. says ; c. said ; d. was said9) a. read ; b. will read ; c. have read ; d. reads10) a. will be ; b. is ; c. was ; d. are11) a. to go ; b. go ; c. goes ; d. went12) a. have ; b. to have ; c. has ; d. had13) a. to read ; b. have read ; c. has read ; d. read14) a. comes ; b. came ; c. come ; d. is coming15) a. is ; b. are ; c. was ; d. were16) a. be ; b. is ; c. are ; d. am17) a. can ; b. must ; c. are to ; d. has to18) a. don't mind ; b. doesn't mind ; c. are not mind ; d. didn't mind 19) a. loves ; b. am loving ; c. loved ; d. love20) a. likes ; b. like ; c. liked ; d. is liking​
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Napishite polnyye predlozheniya, ispol'zuya present simple ili present continuous: 1. lyudi v kitaye nikogda (yedyat) s nozhom. 2. oni (sazhayut) derev'ya seychas. 3. segodnya sidni (beg) v gonke. развернуть 201/5000 write complete sentences using present simple or present continuous: 1. people in china never (eat) with a knife. 2. they (plant) trees now. 3. today, sydney (running) in the race.
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