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Adjectives can change their form to show degrees of
positive degree comparative degree superlative degree
more beautiful
most beautiful
1. will the comparativa degree of each adjective in parentheses.
a. mike is
thon paul. (strong
b. today is
than yesterday. (hot)
c. this apple is
_than the one you have. (redi
d. this table is
_ than that one. (heavy)
e. i think i am
than you. (lucky)
f. this pie is
than that one. (delicious!
2. while the superlative degree of each adjective in parentheses.
a. this is the
_doy oll year. thou
b. this is the -place to hide. (safel
6. tom is the
_boy in the school. (reliable)
d. a clydesdale is the - horse of all. ibig)
e. joe is the
- person in the fourth grade. (noisy
f. ms. smith is the
person i know. (brave)​

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