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Choose the correct answer.
*. they watching the parade this afternoon?
a was b did
c were
2 what at 9: 00 last night?
a were you doing b you were doing
c did you do
3 tom reading at 3: 00 today.
a didn't b wasn't c weren't
4 some amazing costumes at the carnival.
a was seeing b saw c were seeing
5 grace and sammy all night at the party.
a dancing
b was dancing
c were dancing
6 sleeping when i called you yesterday?
a was you b were you c you were
7 miras sat down and to the band.
a listened
b was listening
c were listening
8 to the food festival last week?
a were you going b. you went
c did you go
9 my parents were sitting in the garden
while we a dvd.
a was watching b were watching
c watched
10 her costume for the parade this
afternoon? yes, she was.
a was sally making b did sally make
c sally was making
11 stuart was taking photos at the
everyone else was dancing.
a then b while
12 at 3: 00 this afternoon?
a were your parents sleeping
b did your parents sleep
c your parents were sleeping

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