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1what’s your name, surname?
2 what country are you from?
3 what’s your address?
4 what’s your phone number?
5 are you a student?

describe your family.
you should say:
• how many family members your family has
• what they do
• how close you are
and explain why your family is important to you.

describe one of your typical days.
you should say:
• how you start your day
• what you do during the day
• your favourite time and activity of a day
and explain what you do on a typical day of your life.

describe a meal that you ate out.
you should say:
• where you went
• what you ate
• who you went with
and explain why you remember this meal.

1. are there many shops near your home? (what kind? )
2. do you like shopping? (why? why not? )
3. who usually does the shopping in your home?
4. do you like shopping on the internet

describe something you do to keep healthy.
you should say:
• what the activities are
• when you do them
• how often you do them
also, explain, why they are a good way to look after your health.

describe your favourite sport.
you should say:
• what sport is popular in our country
• what your favourite sport is
• how often you play/ watch it
and explain why it is your favourite sport.

talk about something you like to do in your leisure time.
you should say:
• what you do;
• who you do it with;
• where you do it.
and explain why you like to spend your free time this way.​

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