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Citar children have to take
16. "how long are you going to stay here? " asked jane.
17. "look at this", she said to us. "he is on a life support machine".
18. "they don't teach anything about politics", he said.
19. "when did they run out? " said james.
20. "i don't agree that boys always get into fights", our teacher said.
21. "why are you talking to a stranger? " said my friend.
22. "i think she works in a bank", said andrew.
23. he said: "i am not tired, i can go for a walk with you".
24. "it has been snowing for two hours", she said to me.
25. "i'll never read his novels again", said nellie. "i've had enough
of this".
26. "she likes to dance and she goes to the discos almost every
day", her mother said.
27. the secretary said: "there is nobody in the office. the staff has
gone home".
28. "wait for him a little. he will be ready soon", john's mother said
to us.
29. "whom are you waiting for? ", he asked them.
v 30. "i want to talk to you about this", said the boy's mother. "what's
this? " в косвенную речь

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