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Complete the questions about joe's band . write the words in the puzzle
a: who's ? b: joe kelly
a: who's the b: mel adams
a: who are the b: barney sutton and lee
a: who's
a: what's the band b: sadia kelly
a: are the of the b: monsoon
band students ? b: yes, they are ​

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положительного, ни отрицательного ответа (3 — notstated). i am not a writer by trade. i am a white hunter. my name is allan quatermain and i live in durban, south africa. i am fifty-five years of age and for more than thirty years i have been trading, hunting, fighting or mining in one part of africa or another. i have, in my time, shot sixty-five
lions. the sixty-sixth got me and mauled me pretty badly before he was driven off. that is why i limp a bit on my left leg. well, it's eighteen months or so since i first met sir henry curtis and captain good, which is the real beginning of my story. that was in 1885. i'd been elephant hunting beyond bamangwato and had had bad luck. everything went wrong on that trip, and to top up with
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the passengers who came on board there were two who caught my interest. one, a man of about thirty, was one of the biggest and strongest-looking men i'd ever seen. he had yellow hair and beard, clear-cut features and large grey eyes set deep in his head. i found out, by looking at the passenger list, that this was sir henry curtis. he reminded me very much of somebody else, but at the
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