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10. fill in the gaps with the words from the box to complete the text.
invited, called, had (2), taught, knew, sailed, were, wanted,
got, landed, died, lived, worked, had, gave, lasted, grew
the story of thanksgiving
in 1620, a group of people
from england to america. there
one hundred people on the ship. they
to start a new
life in america and practise their religion in freedom. they
place on the northeast coast of america. they
it plymouth. they
were far from their home, and life was hard. they
little food and
little about their new home. their first winter in america was
very cold. many of them
ill and
however, the native americans who
there decided to help them.
the newcomers how to grow com and other plants to eat,
and they
them medicine to treat their illnesses. they also
showed their new friends how to hunt for food and how to build better
houses. the newcomers
hard and their crops
by no-
vember 1621 all of them
food and a home. to thank the native
americans, the newcomers
them to a special dinner to celebrate
their friendship. this special dinner was the first thanksgiving. the first
thanksgiving dinner
for three days.

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