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18. выберите правильную форму глагола various kinds of sports (to be) popular in
russia now.
a) is
b) will be
c) are
d) was
19. выберите верный вариант перевода: вы поедете в на следующей
a) do you go to england next week? c) you will go to england next week?
b) will you go to england next week? d) did you go to england last week?
20. búiðepute npabijihyo ďopmy rarosa: every morning on the way to school i
(to meet) my friends.
a) meet b) meets c) met d) will meet
21. bb5epute npabylibiyło ♡opmy rsiarosa: we (to grow) tomatoes last summer.
a) grow
b) grows c) grew
d) will grow

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