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to: osman. [email protected] com
from: [email protected] co. uk
subject: great britain
hi osman,
england, scotland, w
i live in london. it is the capital of great britain. it has four parts. they are
land, scotland, wales and northern ireland. there are lots of cities in great
in people like beautiful mountains, valleys, lakes and hundreds of islands.
the most famous lake is called loch ness, ben nevis is the highest mountain
great britain. buckingham palace is the queen's home and her office. from
woust to october you can visit buckingham palace. you can see there the state
dining room, ballroom, the queen's gallery with all her paintings, i love great
take care and write to me about «a pearl city» - ashgabat,
katie (переведите , 10 , взамен могу )​

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