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e. g. a: what happened last summer/in september?
b: i went to samarkand.
last summer
azamat e. g. went to

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Нужно много слов которые имеют одинаковое значение и звучат похоже как в так и в языке
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Всместо многоточия нужно вставить артикли : the ; -- kettle filled . i don't mind staying at and looking after this afternoon . if you went to you would enjoy it there. hotel was almost completely destroyed by fire last saturday . you can't expect and support from your family of you don't give to them. didnt have to clear up after .
staff did all day. birds can fly high in . they manager to arrive on despite heavy snow storm. gallery is located in square . in sprite of that was complained. plans to help and . will drop significantly during . this year has been less severe that last year. i enjoy talking to people. arthur clarke began writing science fiction . could you turn down music? it's too
loud. cover with a lid when has boiled and let it simmer. he promised he would never bet on . he is having difficulties now. is thicker than . , desert, stretches across north . tom and margaret are going to visit their son tommy at . have you heard that thompsons are moving from springfield to indianapolis? people of world knew was round. now believe first started in
what is now . chinese always produced bronze items to be found world. very benefical to . continuously directed during downpour.
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Напишите правильный ответ
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Insert articles where necessary: l. she went into the kitchen to fix cold lunch. 2. she had no appetite for delicious dinner which cora had cooked. 3. the guests began arriving for wedding dinner. 4. i won’t eat breakfast, it’s burnt again. 5. free brunch is offered to children in disneyland. 6. we took set-dinner which cost ten pounds. 7. this is a serious matter, let’s discuss it after dinner. 8. what would you like to have for lunch, my dear? 9. many celebrities were present at dinner in the white house. 10. well, children, sit to table, dinner is ready. 11. what about lunch? i’m dying for a cup of tea. 12. what mouthwatering supper! 13.they organized charity dinner for the homeless. 14. do you have lunch at the office or at the bistro nearby? 15. the university gave farewell dinner to the graduates. 16. supper which she cooked was uneatable. 17. now i must rush to the kitchen and have a look dinner. 18. stephen cooked delicious meal for us last night. 19. in many countries main meal is eaten in the middle of the day. 20. on the first day of the vacation we all slept late and then had huge brunch. 21. they had intimate little breakfast for two.
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Are you look forward to your birthday party week? или do почему так?
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I. complete with the present perfect continuous form of the verb in brackets 1. people (pollute) the atmosphere for 100 years. 2. toxic fumes (poison) our planet for a long time. 3. air pollution (destroy) the sculpture for 50 years. 4. we (wait) for the bus for 20 minutes. 5. she (play) computer games for 50 minutes. 6. they (live) in moscow since january. ii. read the sentences and transform them into the present perfect continuous 7. jane is teaching the cycle of life. 8. rose is cleaning out a pond. iii. translate the sentences into english 9. – чем ты занималась? – я работала в саду. 10. – почему ты плачешь? – я полтора часа смотрела свою любимую драму. iv. use the words to make up sentences in the present perfect continuous 11. she/work in hospital/since 1999 12. how long/you/have/driving lessons? v. complete the sentences with the phrasal verb make up/out/up with 13. he's strange; i can't him 14. they an excuse for being late. 15. we all should try to friends soon after silly tiffs (ссоры). vi. match the words 16. natural a. pollution 17. air, water and soil b. fumes 18. toxic c. out 19. wipe d. habitat vii. fill in with live, leave in the correct form 20. my dream is to in paris. 21. he his book on the desk in his study yesterday. viii. complete the question tags 22. andy has been reading a book for 15 minutes, 23. sally is collecting rubbish, 24. they study at a secondary school, ix. translate the phrases into russian 25. this pollution is gathered in clouds 26. this pollution lands on trees 27. it wipes out fish 28. it poisons trees 29. we have been trying to reduce 30. solar power x. translate the words and word combinations into english 31. с другой стороны 32. выживать 33. пожертвование 34. пустыня 35. лопата 36. расширять 37. строить скворечники 38. виды животных 39. аргументы за и против 40. сажать цветы xi. you will listen a representative from an environmental organization talking to somebody who wants to donate money. for each question, fill in the missing information greenpeace donations: (please tick √) amount: 41) per 42) name: 43) address: 44) london. method of payment: 45) a) credit card b) cheque c) cash d) bank account
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Английский язык, 15.03.2019 14:27, Sashafedorova
Нужно скласть придложения из слов: antelope chop anteater odd wanish vorn skrin epsen
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Пожолуиста эссе на тему my fovourite season ulutay на ​
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