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v14 correct the mistakes.
the small, sunny island of antigua
is one of the more beautiful islands 1
in the caribbean.
two hundred years ago, many of
the large buildings were houses or
shops. today, they were nice
hotels with comfortable rooms.
the carlisle bay club is close by a 3
beautiful beach and is very less
expensive than some of the other hotels
there are many interesting places to
visit. the most popular for tourists 5
are the ebenezer church and the
admiral's museum.
you can buy great gifts for your friends
and family. the souvenir shops in
english harbour are the most cheap 6
and the best.
there are also many wonderful
restaurants. for some of the much 7
delicious caribbean dishes, go to the
calypso café in redcliffe street.
for a romantic and peaceful holiday.
there is nowhere nicer as antigua. 8​

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