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Complete the three conversations with words and phrases from the box.
all right can i do you want me it’s ok
shall i would be great would you like

conversation 1
dad: oh dear!
brenda: what is it, dad?
dad: i’m just so tired.
brenda: (44) get anything for you?
dad: no, (45) thanks.
brenda: are you sure? (46) make some coffee?
dad: yes, ok. that would be lovely.

conversation 2
brenda: oh no! i should be at the swimming pool soon.
dad: is it your competition?
brenda: yes, it is.
dad: (47) me to drive you there?
brenda: would you? that (48)
conversation 3
police officer: excuse me, sir!
man: yes?
police officer: i’m afraid you were driving too fast.
man: (49) to show you my driving licence?
police officer: no, that’s (50) just don’t drive so fast again.
man: i won’t. thank you.

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