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use the correct form of the verb: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, present simple, present continuous or to be going to.

all the sentences refer to the future.

1. mum (to visit) you when the baby-sitter (to arrive).

2. he (to be) tired when he (to arrive). he (to train) for 8 hours.

3. the doctor can’t say now when the patient (to recover).

4. if your son (not to work) hard, he (to forget) what he knows.

5. don’t phone between 4 and 5. we (to eat).

6. nobody knows if he (to keep) his promise.

7. i want to know when you (to come).

8. i (go) to a party tomorrow night. would you like to come too?

9. i think jane (get) the job. she has a lot of experience.

10. i can’t meet you this evening. a friend of mine (come) to see me.

11. we probably (not to leave) by the time you get home.

12. it’s a secret between us. i promise i (not tell) anybody.

13. i’ve decided to have a party. – who you (invite)? – i probably (invite) the browns.

14. when you return home from holidays we already (finish) the construction of our house.

15. tomorrow elaine (to work) on the project for ten days.

16. the train (to leave) plymouth at 11.30 and (to arrive) in london at 14.45.

17. what time the film (to begin)?

18. what time you (to leave) tomorrow?

19. they (to have) fun since 6 o’clock when we come.

20. there’s a film on television tonight. you (to watch) it?

21. i feel terrible. i think i (to be) sick.

22. tomorrow by 2 o’clock i (pass) my english exam.

23. tom (not to pass) the exam. he hasn’t worked hard enough for it.

24. this time next week i’ll be on holiday. i (to lie) on the beach or (to swim) in the sea.

25. don’t worry about the exam. i’m sure you (to pass).

26. i wonder where i (to be) 20 years from now.

27. they (not to release) the dvd before they have shown titan at the cinema.

28. i (to drive) to town during the lunch break so i can give you a lift.

29. if you (to have) problems, call me. i (to watch) tv all evening.

30. while he’s reading the book, i (to watch) tv. те с тестом по

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