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Слова в скобках поставить в правильное время
1. this picture (always admire). – present simple
2. the tower of london (formerly use) as a prison. – past simple
3. this play (forget) in a few years' time. – future simple
4. english (speak) all over the world. – present simple
5. any questions (ask) about me? – past simple
6. the matter (discuss) tomorrow. – future simple
7. milk (use) for making butter and cheese. – present simple
8. the bridge (build) last year. – past simple
9. the book (finish) next month? – future simple
10. your question (answer)? – present simple

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square kilometre. the united kihgdom is one of the world's smaller countries. its population is over 57 million. about 80 percent of the population is urban. the united kihgdom is made up of four countries : england , wales , scotland and northern ireland. their capitals are london , cardiff, edinburg and belfast respectively. great britain consists england , scotland and wales and does
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