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Complete the sentences with the correct
1 how are you
2 the bank is next to the sports centre
3 in my bedroom there is a bed a wardrobe a
desk for my computer and a bookcase
4 my favourite room is the kitchen
5 what is opposite the bakery
6 my room is great

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Английский язык, 04.03.2019 02:10, dmitriidimaro
Вставь пропущенные буквы: p_zzle, b_ll, tedd_ bear, comp-ter, g_me, r_ller, sk_tes, pr_sent, d_ll , bic_cle.
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Английский язык, 09.03.2019 02:10, ban8
1. they (to drink) tea when i (to come) home. 2. he (to walk) along the river when a boat (to pass). 3. the old man (to think) about his plan when he (to fall) asleep. 4. we (to listen) to an interesting lecture yesterday. 5. when i (to enter) the classroom, the teacher (to write) words on the blackboard and the pupils (to copy) them into their exercise-books. 6. they (to get) ready to
go out when it (to begin) raining. 7. yesterday at one o'clock i (to have) lunch at the canteen. 8. when he (to come) in, i (to do) my exercises. 9. what you (to do) at eight o'clock yesterday? 10. at this time yesterday i (to go) home. 11. you (to sleep) when i (to go) out. 12. he (to read) on the sofa when i (to come) in and (to sit) down beside him. 13. i (to walk) along the street
with my friend when a tram (to pass). 14. she (to look) out of the window when i (to see) her. 15. we (to answer) the teacher's questions when the headmistress (to enter) the classroom. можно
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Поверните от прямого в непрямой речи. 1. "i didn't break the window" said the little boy. 2. "eat your dinner" mother said to him. 3. "have you seen this film" jane asked mary. 4. "i had an argument with mark yesterday" said flora. 5. "the new guests will arrive tomorrow" explained the manager. 6. "go to the blackboars" said the teacher. 7. "you have to
tidy your room" said his mother.
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Перевести.one day mike and his father want to go the park.mike,says father.let*s go for a walk.it is great! mike is happy.he likes to go to the park with his father .i*d like to go the park with great pleasure.says mike.he can skate,play snowballs in the park.father likes to play hockey or ski.they have a lot of fun there.mike and his father are in the park.suddenly they see a
big dog.the dog sees the boy and begins to bark.mike is afraid of the dog.he wants to go home.his father says -don*t be afraid,mike.you know the proverb-a barking dog does not bite.oh yes,says mike.i know the proverb you know the proverb .but does the dog know the proverb
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Яне разбираюсь в только начала изучать​
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