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Чрочно все 5 complete the sentences with the words below.
brilliant canteen cycling election arm team venue
1 let's meet in the after our maths lesson!
2 what's your favourite football
3 do you want to go on friday?
4 my sister's voting in the next
5 which does she wear a watch on?
6 you've got a new laptop! that's
7 we want to have a new year party, but it's not easy to find a good
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cumulative test units 1–5 test a
photocopiable © oxford university press solutions 2
nd edition elementary 3
6 complete the letter. write the words in brackets correctly.
dear pawel,
we'd like to say we're very (drupo) of you for (blincimg) that 2000 metre mountain at
the weekend! we hope your legs aren't too (afilnpu) and that you have some time to
(aelrx) now. we always say that exercise is an important part of a healthy (eellstify),
so it's great that you enjoy hiking so much. we hope you're eating well too, because a
(aabcdeln) diet is also important!
anyway, i have to go now. i need to get some 7 (nicedemi) from the doctor for grandad.
lots of love,
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use of english
7 choose the correct answers.
this summer, my sister clare 1 married to her japanese boyfriend, akira. she lives in the city of
nagasaki, on the island of kyushu, and so all my family 2 out there to the wedding. there aren’t
going to be 3 guests because it’s expensive to fly to japan. they want to have a 4
wedding with the 5 on a beach, because my sister wants to wear a white wedding dress.
however, in a traditional japanese wedding the 6 wears a beautiful kimono. i’m a little worried
about the 7 though. i’m not very keen 8 japanese food because i don’t like fish or
rice! but my sister says japanese food is very 9 and i hope they don’t have karaoke after the
wedding, because my sister sings really 10
1 a gets b getting c is getting d to get
2 a are travelling b travel c travels d travelling
3 a any b many c much d some
4 a boring b hard c interesting d modern
5 a ceremony b costume c engagement d election
6 a bride b groom c nephew d niece
7 a diet b canteen c reception d venue
8 a at b in c of d on
9 a fattening b healthy c processed d sweet
10 a badly b beautifully c carefully d well
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cumulative test units 1–5 test a
photocopiable © oxford university press solutions 2
nd edition elementary 4
8 listen to the conversation about weekend plans. are the sentences true or false?
1 pam and reece are going to a wedding together.
2 reece doesn't usually wear smart clothes.
3 reece doesn't like colourful clothes.
4 reece wants to buy a shirt and trousers.
5 pam has to pay for reece's clothes.

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