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100 . 1 complete the dialogue using the words in brackets.
ali hello!
mel hello, this is mel. is that you, ali?
ali yeah, it's me. listen, (what / do) right now? can you speak?
mel sure! (i / run) with some friends in the park.
(what / want / speak about)?
ali (i / call) because (pam / go) to bucharest
next week, to study for a year.
mel yes, i know.
ali well, (she / often go) to the theatre, and (i / think)
there's a new drama on this friday!
mel ok! so you want to invite her to the theatre?
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2 choose the correct answers.
1 what do we do for homework?
a can b should c have to
2 excuse me! you tell me the time?
a can b should c have to
3 please speak slowly! i understand you!
a can't b shouldn't c haven't to
4 why are you watching that scary film? young children watch films for adults!
a can't b shouldn't c don't have to
5 mark wants to get up early tomorrow, so he go to bed before ten.
a can b should c has to
6 it's very kind of you to offer to wash the dishes, but you do them.
a can't b shouldn't c don't have to
7 ed loves studying languages – how many languages he speak?
a can b should c has to
mark: /7
cumulative test units 1–5 test a
photocopiable © oxford university press solutions 2
nd edition elementary 2
3 complete the text with the words below.
easily some hard many often hardly ever
antja is unhappy. she says you call her. how times does she come to see you?
friends are very special! you can lose them if you're not careful. how do you
forget to call her back? you work at school, but you really have to make
free time to be with your friends!
mark: /6
4 choose the correct answers.
1 what time do you breakfast?
a give b have c do
2 'this is my brother's daughter! ' 'you mean she's your '
a cousin b nephew c niece
3 before they learn to walk, babies move on their hands and
a fingers b knees c necks
4 he can't go this week because he doesn't have any skates.
a skateboarding b dancing c rollerblading
5 i'm not interested in animals! i don't want to study
a biology b chemistry c art & design
6 you can't see his face very well because of the he's wearing!
a cardigan b gloves c scarf
mark: /6

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