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26. complete the sentence in conditional:
if you leave now, you … …. the bus
a) will catch
b) would catch
c) are catch
d) would caught
e) are caught
27. complete the sentence in conditional:
if i … a helicopter, i … … to work
a) have, will fly
b) have, would fly
c) had, would fly
d) has, will fly
e) had, will fly
28. complete the sentence in conditional:
if you … the vase, it … …
a) drop, will break
b) drop, would break
c) dropped, will break
d) drop, has broken
e) dropped, has broken
29. write the instruction for the situation:
a lot of students are standing up in a class. the teacher says:
a) stop talking!
b) open the books!
c) sit down!
d) do exercise № 3
e) play football
30. write the instruction for the situation:
you are talking to your friend in class. your teacher says to you:
a) stop talking!
b) go on talking
c) sit down!
d) run!
e) come back!
31. if you the kitchen, you will see a vase with flowers.
a) will enter
b) enters
c) enter
d) would enter
e) have been entering
32. i’d come out for a walk with you if i so busy.
a) be not
b) would be not
c) is not
d) were not
e) are not
33. she promoted last year if she with the boss.
a) would have been / doesn’t argue
b) would have been / hadn’t argued
c) will be / hadn’t argued
d) would have been / didn’t argued
e) will have been / hadn’t argued
34. i it unless he me a good reason.
a) wouldn’t accept/had given
b) won’t accept/gives
c) won’t be accepting/give
d) wouldn’t have accepted/gave
e) accepted/will give
35. if you … so much money, i … angry.
a) didn’t spent/wouldn’t have be
b) hadn’t spent/wouldn’t have been
c) won’t spend/wouldn’t be
d) hadn’t spent/will be
e) hasn’t spent/wouldn’t have be
36. the first inhabitants of the usa were
a) dutch and indians
b) indians and eskimos
c) africans
d) indians
e) indians and englishmen
37. the usa is a union of 50 states.
a) republic
b) a presidential republic
c) a constitutional monarchy
d) a federal republic
e) a constitutional republic
38. the statue of liberty was then carefully and .
a) lifted on the pedestal / sold
b) taken apart / shipped to america
c) planed to the bedloe’s (now, liberty) island
d) lifted and broken
e) shown and sold
39. what is the national emblem of england?
a) shamrock
b) tulip
c) maple leaf
d) rose
e) violet
40. buckingham palace has rooms.
a) 650
b) 200
c) 350
d) 600
e) 500
41. the northern part of scotland is called
a) the gardens
b) the lowlands
c) the desert
d) the highlands
e) the lakeland
42. what is the nickname of new york?
a) the big manhattan.
b) the big indianapolis.
c) the big apple.
d) the big peach.
e) the big york.
43. the whispering gallery is remarkable for its … .
a) illumination
b) acoustics
c) size
d) entertainment
e) exotic
44. the tallest sight in washington, d. c., is … .
a) the white house
b) renwick gallery
c) the statue of liberty
d) the national mall
e) u. s. capitol
45. the queen’s residence in london is in … .
a) westminster abbey
b) st paul’s cathedral
c) buckingham palace
d) tower of london
e) the white palace
46. the political system of the u. s. consists of … branches.
a) two
b) three
c) four
d) six
e) seven
47. a “jack” is an old name for … .
a) tower
b) country
c) flag
d) sailor
e) worker
48. st. paul cathedral was built by the greatest architect
a) benjamin britten
b) din reed
c) columbus
d) christopher wren
e) big ben
49. put verbs in the correct form in the passive:
“ … anybody … in the accident? ” “yes, two people … … to hospital.”
a) were… injured, were taken
b) was… injured, was taken
c) was… taken, was injured
d) was …injured, were taken
e) has …injured, were taken
50. put the verb in the correct form in the passive:
butter … … from milk
a) are made
b) is make
c) is made
d) were made
e) been made

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