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1. yesterday the sun (arise) at 5.30 a. m
2. my grandmother always (forget) our phone number
3. she (not be) his teacher in 2007
4. this school uniform (forbid) in 2020
5. look! this boy (beat) our brother, let's help him
6. mr thompson usually (fly) by this plane?
7. i (become) a doctor, it's my dream
8. he (find) the key from 2 till 5 yesterday
9. i (begin) to work in 1998
10. these boys (fight) at this moment
11. sometimes dogs (bite) cats
12. i (not feel) well, i'm i'll
13. what's weather like today? the wind (blow)?
14. our daughter (not feed) animals the whole day yesterday
15. she (break) her leg while she (ride) her bike
16. my friend (fall) from the ladder
17. sam often (bring) flowers to his wife?
18. jessica (eat) icecream at 2.30 yesterday
19. our neighbors (build) their house 10 years ago
20. i (not drive) the car carefully
21. tomorrow it will be cold. i (burn) the fire
22. natam (drink) a lot last friday ?
23. the army (burst) the house of enemy 10 minutes ago
24. she (dream) about a new car
25. her husband (not buy) this car next summer
26. schoolchildren (draw) pictures the whole lesson the day before yesterday
27. these cats seldom (catch) mice.
28. my sister (do) her homework every evening
29. leslie (choose) a school for her daughter
30. the archaeologist (dig) a very ancient jewelry
31. jim (come) from spain last season ?
32. sue (not cut) her finger, when she (slice) potatoes
33. how much it(cost)? it (cost ) 10 dollars
34. look! our baby(creep)

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