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ex4 underline the correct modal verb in these sentences.
1. this letter can`t/might be from harry. he doesn`t know my new address.
2. quick! answer the phone. it might/can`t be my new friend.
3. sam can`t have/may have been the one who broke the window. i`m not sure.
4. it must take/must have taken you ages to learn the poem. it`s so long.
5. don`t go near that horse. it can`t/might kick you.
6. let`s go to the beach tomorrow. it might/must be sunny.
7. peter left hours ago. he must/can`t have reached london by now.
8. you could/must have been mad to try and run the marathon. you`re really not very fit.

ex. 5. rewrite what each person says using needn`t + verb, or needn`t have + verb.
1) vicky: why did you go to the electricity office to pay the bill yesterday? this letter says you can pay with a cheque in the post.
vicky: you the electricity office yesterday.
2) bill: you don`t need to phone sarah. i`ll invite her to the party tomorrow.
bill: you sarah. i`ll invite her to the party tomorrow.
3) susan: it wasn`t necessary to buy more food. john and mary can`t come for dinner.
susan: i more food. john and mary can`t come for dinner.
4) peter: why did you work during the weekend? we don`t have to finish this before friday.
peter: you during the weekend.
5) bob: you don`t need to pay the whole amount now. you can pay some now and pay the rest later.
bob: you the whole amount now.

ex. 6. менеджер отеля беседует с новым портье о том, что должен и не должен делать. заполните пропуски глаголами must, mustn’t и needn’t. в ряде случаев возможны более одного варианта.
1. you ….. wear dirty clothes.
2. you… speak foreign languages.
3. you … get angry with customers.
4. you … carry the customers` luggage.
5. you .. drink coffee in the reception.
6. you … clean the customers` clothes.
7. you … wear elegant clothes.
8. you .. work overtime.​

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Решить язык 3 клас 2 часть 3с стр 95​
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