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8fill in who, which, where or whose.
1 a: i like your bag. it's very stylish.
b: this is the one was on special offer. i got it for £5.
2 a: isn't that jo over there brother works with us?
b: yes, i think you're right.
3 a: taronga zoo is a great place
you can see
a lot of animals.
b: we're going there tomorrow.
4 a: do you remember sara used to live next door?
b: yes, and i heard she's moved to sydney.
5 a: what is the name of that restaurant serves seafood?
b: rico's.
6 a: i met a nice girl today
showed me around.
b: lucky you!
7 a: was it paris
you went on holiday?
b: no, it was prague.
8 a: did you watch the film was on channel 4 last night?
b: yes, it was fantastic.​

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