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nicole richie

about half of british young

people aged 12 to 16 read

teenage magazines! two of




magazines for girls are 'sugar' and 'bliss'. they hase glossy.

colourful covers and include beauty and fashion, celebrity

gossip, real life stories, horoscopes, quizzes and problem

pages. of course, boys don't usually find these magazines

very interesting! instead, they buy music magazines like

'nme' or magazines about sport, like 'shoot' or 'match'.

usually, teenage magazines contain a lot of language that only

teenagers use! they might use 'celeb' instead ot celebrity, tor

example, or 'fave' instead of favourite. they also say 'lads'

instead of 'boys', 'dosh' instead of 'money' and 'natter' instead

of 'talk to your friends'! this makes the magazines more

attractive to teenagers and easier to understand.

on a more serious note though, a lot of these magazines can

help teens find solutions to problems they don't teel

comfortable discussing with their parents. that's why the

problem pages in these magazines are very popular. in tact,

many teens buy them just for the problem page.

how about you? what do you like most in magazines? ​

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