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i complete the sentences using its or it’s:

moscow and … center are very famous all over the world. … nice to have a walk in the center of moscow.
… the city of ny. … skyscrapers are one of the prides of the usa.
the mountain over there is not very high but you can see … top from any point of the town.
… snowing, winter has come. … cold wind is blowing.
he was reading a letter, at … top there was some symbol or a sign.
… a pleasure to see you again in our house.
the test isn’t complicated, … tasks are reasonably difficult.
… a small town in the world, … well-known for … museum of ceramics.
ii study the text ‘discover britain: england’ and fill in the gaps using the words from the table:
the southeast, the uk, to admire, attractive, populated, highlands, exciting, hedges.

the southeast ; the uk; to admire; attractive; populated; highlands; exciting; hedges

… is comparatively small as there are a lot more larger countries.
london is densely … as it is the seventh biggest city in the world.
the scenery is so changeable that lowlands turn into … speedily.
one can have a very … journey through the regions of england.
windsor, brighton, dover and kent are the cities of … of england.
england is marked by the green of its … and trees.
one can find a lot … in the scenery of england’s southeast.
the southeast is rather industrial but still there is … countryside there.

iii study the text ‘discover britain: england’ and make the right choice:

london is situated in …
a. lake district b. northwest england c. southeast england
london is the … biggest cities in the world.
a. seventh b. eighth c. sixth
visitors to britain are usually struck by its … .
a. beauty b. variety c. scenery
england is the … part of the uk.
a. medium b. largest c. biggest
heathrow airport is to the west of central … .
a. europe b. england c. london
kent is usually meant as the garden of … .
a. britain b. lake district c. england
… is the most famous resorts in the southeast of england.
a. dover b. brighton c. kent
one can find practically any type of … in the uk.
a. scenery b. nature c. landscape

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