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Напишите следующие предложения в вопросительной и отрицательной формах
1.they are in europe now
2.she is a clever girl
3.lt is cold today
4.he is in his office
5.they are members of the country club
6 both sisters are tall
7.john is angry with you
8.she is a good tennis player
9the stamps are in my desk
10.she is a good teacher
11.i amhercousin​

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1) подберите к выделенным в тексте словам определения из списка 1-10unscripted, were broadcast, dates, bizarre, outcome, voting, recruit, outrageous, deliberate, villains 1. has a romantic relationship with 2. doing something not by chance but according to a certain plan 3. bad characters in books or films 4. using no written scenario
5. choosing formallty between two or more candidates 6. shocking 7. invite people for a job 8. final result 9. strange and unnatural 10. were on tv/radio 2) - what do you feel when doing sports? - that’s an interesting question i’ve much thought about. well, take any emotion, like anger, frustration, disappointment or pain, and try to hide what you feel deep inside, try to bottle
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Надо! progress test 8 ( units 1-15 ) -fill in the gaps with the missing words. 1.there a brilliant fil on tv last monday. you see it ? 2.''what's with this radio, bob ? '' "i don't know. " 3.have you been to india? "no i " 4." stella's phone number? " "6684206". 5.he has the louvre but he hasn't seen notre dame 6. on tv tonight ? 7.she left an hour 8.he's very funny. quick! some pictures. 9.i'm afraid i go to sue's party. 10." have you been here? " since friday." 11." did you come here? '' last friday" 12." mrs murray? '' ''very well, thanks." 13." last sunday? " " i went to the theatre " 14.: have you flown on concorde? " " yes, once" 15.we're going to the opera tonight. like to come ? 16." do you usually get up? " "7 o'clock" 17." how many friends you ? " ten." 18." are you? " about one metre sixty." 19." are these cassettes? " (ł) 13.45." 20." do you get to work? " "by bus".
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