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Завершите каждое второе предложение, используя слово в скобках
1. i am not rich and i can't afford to go abroad twice a year. (richer)
if afford to go abroad twice a year.
2. i can't swim, so i'm not going scuba diving with jim. (go)
if i could scuba diving with jim.
3. the patient is alive! the surgeon has operated on him. (died)
the patient if the surgeon hasn't operated on him.
4. the summer was rainy and we had to stay indoors. (if)
been rainy, we wouldn't have had to stay indoors
5. if only i listened to brian then! (listened)
i wish to brain then!
6. it's a pity i don't know her address! (wish)
i her address!
7. how i wish it were spring now! (only)
if now!

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