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Read the rules and do ex 6
examples in the text in ex. 2.
6 put the adjectives in brackets into the correct forms.
loose vegetables are cheaper than pre
1 organic products are much .
packaged ones.
(expensive) than non-organic ones.
thot supermarket is the most expensive 2 that's
) supermarket in town.
of oll
3 supermarkets' own brands can be just as
this pack isn't as big as that one.
(good) as well-known brands.
the bigger the supermarket, the easier it 4 the . (long) customers stay in a
is to get lost.
supermarket, the (much) they spend.
he spends more and more money every day
5 summerton superstore has by far
the fruit from my local market is a lot
(good) quality meat.
better than the fruit from the supermarket.
6 the price of staple foods is getting (high)
these biscuits are by far the best i've ever
(high) every month.
7 heinz is one of
known brands of tomato ketchup
(1 sam is more organised than/braver than ).
2 harry is the most organised/the bravest of all
3 a nurse's job isnt as dangerous as a firefighter's
4 lucy is becoming busier and busier at work.
5 holly is a bit a little/slightly/much/a lot more creative
than jone
8 fill in the gaps with the correct form of the
adjectives in brackets.
1 henry's job is.
(interesting) than jack's.
2 a: thanks for your help with my cv, angie.
b: it's
(little) i can do.
3 it's getting and
(hard) for young people to get their first job.
4 which job is
a shop assistant, a waiter or a delivery person?
5 my student days were some of
(happy) of my life!
6 the (much) you prepare for an
interview, the
od) you'll do.
(easy) to
get a good job if you prepare well before.
key word transformations
9 complete the second sentence so that it
means the same as the first.
1 jo organises parties really well. (good)
jo is
2 mark found it difficult to write his cv. (had)
his cv
3 ann can't wait to go to university. (forward)
ann is
to university
4 dave's job is better than john's. (good)
john's job
as dave's.
it's ​

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