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reas and match the
subheadings (a-& ) to the
paragraphs (1-6). there is one
entra subheading. justify your
a suy now, pry later
& wrapping itu
c searching the shop
d cooking up nore tros
e tempting you with special
aprelung to the senses
6 une of sight
you only wanted some milk and a loaf of
bread, so why is your basket overflowing
by the time you get to the checkout? well,
the answer lies in the tricks supermarkets use
to make you spend more. let's grab a trolley
and find out some of the secrets behind those
tರ ಗ!
the tricks of the trade
as you walk into the supermarket, the delicious smell of
freshly baked bread his you and you immediately start
feeling hungty. then right by the entrance, you see
beautiful displays of fresh and colourful produce.
making you feel even hangrier. this is all intentional
because every supermarket knows that hungry customers
buy more fruit and vegetables. also starting your
shopping by selecting healthy, fresh fruit and vegetables
may make you feel less guilty about picking up a few
extra treats later on.
don't expect supermarkets to use packaging strategies
that make it easy to work out which goods are the
cheapest either. it may be easier to grab some pre-
packaged apple, but they're also a lot more expensive
than loose ones.
who can resist a buy one get one free deal? yet, with
around one third of the food the world produces going to
wase. is that second chocolate cheesecake really
necessary? in the same way. 3 for £6 might sound like a
great bargain, but always check how much an item costs
individually. you might not be serving very much at all and
you have two extraces that you don't really need.
have you ever noticed that just when you've leamt
where the tomato ketchup is the shop moves it?
supermarkets love doing this, so that you have to spend
time walking up and down the aisles looking for what
you want to buy. then, when you finally arrive at the
checkout, there are tempting displays of sweets and
magazines to throw into your trolley while you're waiting
in line.
supermarkets know that customers tend to choose
products that are at eye level, so the items on the middle!
shelves are usually the most expensive ones. cheaper
brands are on high shelves that are hard to reach. so.
remember to give your neck a workout and check out
what's on the top shelves.
if you think all these things are sneaky, look at what
supermarkets are planning for the near future! shops will
scan your loyalty card as soon as you walk in and send
money-off coupons to your mobile phone as you shop.
3d displays will address you by name and as you're
walking out you might even get an sms telling you that
you've forgotten to buy milk!
чтобы а​

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