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Choose the type of a noun.
1) fireman
2) friendship
3) country
4) immortality
5) animal
6) star
7) teacher
8) man
9) railway
10) waterfall

make the derived nouns from the words in brackets and complete the sentences.
1) the report gave a surprising (conclude).
2) people say it's total (mad) to believe in this.
3) they gave him the (possible) of accepting a different job.
4) there has been a change of (direct) in the company's ambitions.
5) they got a lot of (enjoy) from that evening at the theatre.
6) she stood still, completely (motion).
7) the (decorate) was highly original and modern.
8) his (arrive) was badly-timed.
9) the man they arrested has denied being a (blackmail).
10) i firmly believe in the (rich) of the cultural diversity.

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