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1. i have already bought some cheese. any.
a) mustn't b) shouldn't c) needn't d) wouldn't
2. do you ?
a) come b) coming c) to come d) came
3. he cinema. 
a) going b) to go c) of going d) go
4. if the weather is good, a walk.
a) will be going b) go c) are to go d) will go
5. at looked happy. 
a) glimpse b) look c) gaze d) sight
6. friday evening could
a) disappointed b) dissatisfied c) regretted d) apologized
7. it's ten o'clock. they .
a) come b) have come c) would come d) to come
8. if i were you, that. 
a) shouldn't b) couldn't c) wouldn't d) might
9. homework when he came home. 
a) did b) had done c) does d) would done
10. his .
a)are worth b) worth c) is worth d) worth to be​

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Библетова язык рабочая тет стр 50 4​
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