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Могу дать мало, но, ,
, найдите в каждом предложении ошибку и исправьте её.
it has been raining since we came to this place

do not make noise! he must sleep still.

to learn a language means to study hard.

i suggest john is participating in the competition.

when she had seen blood she got frightened.

we have four pets cat and three dogs.

the contracts have already checked and analyzed.

how is your friend? he is good, thanks.

has she to wake up early to reach the university in time?

the essay was written by son.

in this café tea is usually served without a sugar.

does he expect us do that without any support?

man appeared from the door and looked at us.

where are things of tom?

we live in big cottage.

turn off water!

m. jackson has sung many hits.

what are the constituent parts of russian federation?

when we entered our brothers played.

if i will see him i will ask on this matter.

we thought the book will be more interesting.

all the teenagers enjoy computer games.

do i must to wake up so early?

lermontov has written many poems.

i heard a bark. it was the dog behind me.

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